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Jdfoot tell youJdfoot tell you what shoes to wear to keep warm in winter

Nov 5, 2021
Jdfoot tell you what shoes to wear to keep warm in winter
1. Snow boots:
As winter is slowly approaching, many female friends will buy a pair of fashionable snow boots for themselves, which can not only keep warm, but also be on the cutting edge of fashion. The warmth of snow boots depends on the raw materials:

1. Deerskin suede and artificial wool lining. This material is composed of flannel and a layer of chemical fiber, which has poor material and poor air permeability.
2. In the cowhide and Riga blended wool, there are more materials on the market. The blended wool is mixed with more than 70% of chemical fiber, which reduces the warmth retention and air permeability.
3. Domestic domestically sold 2-3 grade wool is integrated. Although this quality is made of an integrated fur material, it is relatively close to the original material, but it uses 2-3 grade sheepskin that cannot meet the export standard. The leather is relatively soft and thin. After being worn, the wool is sparsely phrased as 1.8MM standard.
4. The domestic first-class fur is integrated. The quality of this fur is the material of snow boots sold in the counter. The leather is uniform and thick, the leather is thick and soft, the length is about 1.8MM, the deviation is less than 2MM, and it smells vaguely with the unique fragrance of wool and foot feel It is warm and breathable without sultry feeling. It has the four advantages of high-quality pure wool's breathability, warmth, moisture resistance and health care.

2. Martin boots:
Martin boots are a symbol of fashion culture, permeated with individual charm, and are the favorite of many trendy ladies. Martin boots have a long history. They are sturdy and durable, even if they have become very old and very old under the feet, and they are very flexible. Wearing for many years will make the boots more and more suitable for the owner's calf. So the shape of everyone's Martin boots is different in the end, it is just like your friend. In terms of warmth, there is no cotton inside the Martin boots, and they can generally be worn at around zero. If you add cotton, you also need to look at the material on the outside of the shoes. If the leather is not very good, it will not be durable at minus 20 degrees, and it will easily break and break the ground.
3. Boots:
There are various styles of boots. For example, from the tight-fitting boots to the knees, to the loose-fitting casual boots, the style is decorated with buttons, and the Eskimo style is decorated with fur, and so on. Especially the boots with spiral cross-shaped laces are full of unique and alternative atmosphere. Compared to high boots, boots with a length below the knee are more fashionable. The materials of boots are divided into leather and artificial leather. The breathability and waterproof ability of artificial leather boots are different. It depends on personal preference. Some people like the abrasion resistance of leather, while others like the good breathability and sweat absorption ability of artificial leather.
4. Cotton shoes:
Cotton shoes are shoes made of cotton, animal fur, and other items as inner linings, and cotton and other thermal insulation materials are filled between the upper and the sole to keep out the cold.

Cotton shoes matching: Cotton shoes are no longer as single as before. The styles are trendy, the colors are bright and colorful, and the cotton shoes are beautiful and warm, suitable for all kinds of clothes and home wear. Cotton shoes are generally suitable for the elderly and children.

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