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Jdfoot tell you how can shoes be bigger if they are smaller.

Oct 15, 2021

Jdfoot tell you how can shoes be bigger if they are smaller.

1.Shoe last

The shoe last device can be expanded in size, but it is not recommended to use good shoes, it is easy to deform the shoes, and the loss is not worth the loss. It is recommended to use ordinary grade shoes, it is very practical.
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2.Apply hand cream

For leather shoes, you can use a hair dryer to blow the place where you squeeze your feet. Blow for a few minutes and stop for a few minutes, then blow for a few minutes, and then apply the hand cream. Leather shoes will be much softer.
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Take a piece of newspaper and squeeze it into a ball as tightly as possible. Dip some water, not too wet, but soak the entire ball with water, and then wrap the wet newspaper with a piece of dry newspaper and stuff it in the area where you squeeze your feet. Then seal the shoes in a plastic bag and leave it overnight.
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4.Use soap

Rub a layer of soap on the squeezed foot area. This treatment will make the squeezed foot area smooth.

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5.Foot and ankle stickers

Put ankle stickers or the like on the rubbing area of the ankle to reduce injuries.

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