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jdfoot tell you Union x AJ1 has a special version!

Jan 11, 2023
jdfoot tell you Union x AJ1 has a special version!

Union, a fashion store located in Los Angeles, has been working closely with Jordan Brand in recent years. The joint products jointly launched by the two parties have attracted the favor of many fashion players every time they are released. Recently, the new Union x Air Jordan 1 KO Low, which has been exposed for a long time, finally ushered in the official image exposure, and it is also confirmed that it will debut this month. The whole pair of shoes is dominated by a large area of white, supplemented by gray and yellow embellishments, adding a touch of eye-catching details to the shoe shape that already has a strong OG temperament. The body of the shoe is wrapped with canvas material. Although the texture is relatively ordinary compared to leather, this is the original appearance of Air Jordan 1 KO. The toe line and the tongue are embellished with the yellow details that best represent Union. 


At the same time, the word "UN/LA" is written under the Swoosh, showing the joint identity. The biggest easter egg of this joint name must be the Swoosh made of Velcro. After removing it, you can see the words "UN/LA" printed all over the lining. At the same time, it is also equipped with a blue Nike Swoosh for easy replacement, adding new fun to players. play. Finally, it ends with a white midsole and a gray outsole to complete the overall shape design. In addition to the shoes themselves, the packaging is also remarkable, whether it is a shoe box with an oversized gold medal, or a lining paper printed with the Jumpman Logo and gold chain pattern, it shows full sincerity. Of course, there are rumors that, in addition to the canvas version, there may be a leather version in the later stage. Friends who like it may wish to pay more attention.

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Union x Air Jordan 1 KO Low

Item No.: DO8912-101

Release date: January 27

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