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jdfoot tell you So many AJ3s are going on sale this year!

Jan 12, 2023
jdfoot tell you So many AJ3s are going on sale this year!

Following the Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 2, the official strikes while the iron is hot, and finally began to re-enact the Air Jordan 3 in large numbers! With the "White Cement" that will debut this year as the core, six pairs of new colors will be released in the first half of the year alone! The market prices of styles such as "Fiery Red" and "Sakura Pink" that will debut in 2022 have also stabilized, and a few pairs are now the best time to buy! Cardinal Red, which debuted at the beginning of last year, was inspired by the Cardinal of the first year of Air Jordan 7 in 1992. The same color matching is presented in Air Jordan 3, which can be said to bring the appearance to a new height. Air Jordan 3 “Muslin”, article number: DH7139-100 Another pair of super high-value color matching, the unique light khaki color on the upper has an oxidized texture, and has become a flat substitute for A Ma Maniére in the eyes of many players. Full vibe style. However, canvas uppers may not be as popular as leather in terms of texture. 


Air Jordan 3 "Dark Mocha", article number: CK9246-102, this pair of color matching called "Sakura Pink" by players, is the top three sneakers in my mind in 2022. May I ask which hunk can refuse the midsole? What about that touch of pink? Unexpectedly, the "all villains purple" that was crazily ridiculed back then could gain super popularity when placed on sneakers. The unique white and purple dress is not particularly common in the entire Air Jordan series, and the large amount of white on the upper reduces the difficulty of wearing it. I have to say that Jordan Brand still has a way of "rubbing edges". After simple adjustments to the "black cement" color scheme that countless people want to start with, a new color scheme has been formed, which is really playable. The insole is also embellished with the mysterious "Jordan formula": Elephant x Jumpman = Jordan. Air Jordan 3 "Black Gold", article number: CK9246-067, is the same as the previous pair, and it is also a "rubbing edge color matching". Regardless of the gold part, it is as high as 99% similar to "Black Cement". However, this high-saturation golden color is really not easy to control. Although there were several pairs of high-value re-engraved colors last year, jdfoot would like to recommend this pair of Archaeo Brown the most. The entire upper is made of a large area of nubuck leather, and the toe and heel are embellished with Japanese-style embroidery, which is very special. The most important thing is that the lining is still a warm material, which can meet the needs of cheap, niche and warm at the same time. It is simply a must-have shoe in winter. Air Jordan 3 "Fire Red", article number: DN3707-160, this pair should be recognized as the "popular king" among all AJ3s in 2022! The sales volume on each platform is always among the best. No matter spring, summer, autumn or winter, it can always be adapted to various outfits.

Air Jordan 3

 Air Jordan 3 "Red Burst Cracks", article number: DV7028-108, the time has come to this year, before the much-anticipated "white cement" arrives, this pair of Air Jordan 3 "Red Burst Cracks" will debut first. Brown red covers the classic burst cracks, like the texture of the surface of Mars. It is expected to be released on January 27, and friends who like it should not miss it. Air Jordan 3 "White Cement", article number: DN3707-100, in the eyes of many players, its status is no less than last year's Air Jordan 1 "Chicago". Since last fall, various news have been exposed, and now the appetite has been completely suffocated. Air Jordan 3 "White and Green", item number: CK9646-136, painted the black part of the previous pair into green, it becomes this pair of fresh white and green color matching, and continues the popular oxidation texture in the past two years. The release date is April 6 this year, which is in the spring. Such a pair of color matching can be said to be very suitable for the occasion. Air Jordan 3 "Wizards", item number: CT8532-148, any color matching with "Jordan's personal wear", the general popularity is guaranteed, not to mention that this is a pair of player version PE that was once unattainable! This pair of Air Jordan 3 "Wizards" just meets the above two points.

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